Issue: Mental Health Awareness

Support, and emotional strength that every individual craves when it comes to any life decision, crises, struggle, and day to day tasks. Being a linguist, I realized how significant our daily language impacts our mental health and the people around us. One word of kindness surely goes a long road home into someone’s heart.

Mental health is as important as physical health.

Support group for mental health care is meant to facilitate people going through certain life challenges that eventually affects their mental health for example; fear of uncertainty, self-esteem issues, child abuse traumas, relationship issues and individuals facing social anxieties on a deeper level. In our daily routines, it might seem that people are living their best lives as they pretend to show up every single day yet the majority of them go through unchecked mental health issues that need attention, care, and genuine support to overcome them one by one.

When an individual knows he or she is not alone in a certain problem, it clearly makes it easier to bear with that emotional pain. In order to share their pain, I came up with the idea of initiating support groups where one can openly share their feelings and gain different perspectives on similar life situations. Moreover, the idea of reassurance and seeking validation from others is completely okay when it comes to coping mechanisms. A healthy mind generates positive thoughts which eventually become our reality. In order to check-in ourselves it is extremely important to be around people that understand our weaknesses and supports us through our journey.

you are loved and appreciated

In the times of global crises where people lost their jobs, their loved ones, need to maintain social–distancing and educate themselves virtually, it is quite natural to undergo psychological issues such as fear of uncertainty, anxiety, numbness, and whatnot. With respect to all these concerns, now the question arises why mental health is not considered as important as physical health? What is the government’s role to overcome mental health issues faced by its citizens, how does a support group adds value to one’s mental health? How our mental health does reflect on our daily routine?

Causes of Mental health issues:

Mental health issues are not caused overnight rather it can be seen in our thought patterns that need to address in a rightful manner. A mental illness can be triggered by childhood trauma, social anxiety, loss of a loved one, any disease, unchecked behavior, excessive use of social media, lack of self-esteem, depression, stress, borderline personality issues, body image issues, sexual harassment, etc.

A support group provides love and kindness

When it comes to solutions, mental illness can be treated with therapy, medicine, and spiritual healing. Support groups will provide comfort to an individual dealing with any personal issue which he or she is not willing to share with others comfortably. We can educate people on mental health and its importance to our well-being and effective work. It will generate a positive environment in our society and deal with people with kindness on an individual level.

We are all in this together ❤

A support group will provide a safe space to talk, share our perspectives on life, coping mechanisms, and know ourselves better. People will find like-minded people on board and we can generate business out of it.

love for all, hate for none. ❤



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