Do we connect with each other at our work places or is it just a space to make money and grind ourselves on daily basis? Human emotions are contagious and spread positive and negative vibes around ourselves.

When we share our deepest emotions with people we care about, with our fellows and friends, certainly we tend to create beautiful bonds that can be cheerished for the rest of our lives. Last session at Amal fellowship "taking flight" made me realize that how important it is to share our struggle stories, setbacks, sleepless nights and words that tore us into pieces…

Visualizing your experience

“If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”
- Paulo Coelho

Every beautiful journey begins with a blissful thought of making new memories on its way and making best out of it yet leaves us with questions leading to new journeys. Three months career prep fellowship at Amal has been surely a great experience of my life that will hold special space in my heart. Since the beginning till the end, what I have endured are lifelong lessons that will help to embark on a new journey ahead. As…

This is it :)

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” -Dr.Suess

As I look back into time I see a slightly different version of myself created bubble wrap and not allowing myself to interact yet this fellowship turned out a blessing in disguise for me. I started off my Amal journey with anxious thoughts of how things might turn out and every passing session brought light into my life in form of new friends, ideas, and most significant growth mindset. As a matter of fact, before this fellowship, I was less of a creative person that likes to read but now…

Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro (Overcoming procrastination)

It is certainly one of my biggest dreams to become an extremely disciplined person I could ever come across which was surely not possible with (queen of procrastination) attitude at all. Ever since I came across the Pomodoro technique it worked wonders for me. How? let me unleash my experience below. 3 … 2…1 go!

Divide and RULE :’)

In order to finish any task, it is extremely important to categorize your task in the important and urgent section of your worklist. This technique involves prioritizing your work that will eventually lead to getting things done…


Issue: Mental Health Awareness

Support, and emotional strength that every individual craves when it comes to any life decision, crises, struggle, and day to day tasks. Being a linguist, I realized how significant our daily language impacts our mental health and the people around us. One word of kindness surely goes a long road home into someone’s heart.

Mental health is as important as physical health.

Support group for mental health care is meant to facilitate people going through certain life challenges that eventually affects their mental health for example; fear of uncertainty, self-esteem issues, child abuse traumas, relationship issues and individuals facing…

Any remedy comes in handy when things get tough, be it work, art, science, or simply life. Starting off my Amal journey and reflecting on their super cool totkas is fun unless I don’t have to run a marathon. Developing a growth mindset requires a certain skill set that includes; positive self-talk, getting out of one’s comfort zone, creating healthy habits, asking for help, and the idea to mimic your success until you make it.

Positive affirmation is extremely significant for a growth mindset. We often think that anyone’s projection towards our action affects us directly similarly, the way we…

Overcoming temptations
Goal: Exercise daily and balance a healthy diet
Task 1: In order to achieve my goal, I need to proactively run daily chores at home. It will motivate to work on other tasks that are in pipeline. However, I should start with small steps towards sound physical and mental health.
Task 2: I offered my prayers and tried to wake up early for healthy breakfast.
Task 3: Even though it was a hard job yet I managed to arrange my reading corner and it helped with self-discipline.
I have this goal because I believe this will ensure sound physical and…

Fixing my stuff

A- This is my reading corner that I barely fix or took care of lately because of my hectic routine. Whenever I used to look at it, it made me feel terrible about myself because of this untidy display of books.

B- First of all, I decided to fix my book shelf and declutter unwanted books.

Secondly, I decided to donate all those books that are not in my daily use and that can be helpful for someone else.

C- I arranged my books according to a color scheme and decorated borders of book shelf with fairy…

Act of Kindness

Calling my grandmother ❤️

As I reached adulthood, I realized that there are times in our lives where we lose hope because of rejection, we lose hope because we are not able to meet our own expectations and it is so hard to love ourselves yet there is always someone that holds our hands in our despair moments. My Nani Jan has been a great motivation for me in every aspect of life. Today when I called her she answered her phone saying “mera bacha bat Kar Raha hai" my son is calling :’)

It feels so…

Minahil Tariq

smoll and cute, sometimes I crack jokes and they are funny

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